I have never relied on a tool as much as I am now relying on Evernote! I am using it to organise a range of things in my life from classroom assessment to recipes!

A couple of weeks ago I presented a Techy Breaky at our school about Evernote after being privileged to attend professional learning presented by Miss Spinks, the only Australian Ambassador for Evernote.

I have now been using Evernote in the classroom over the past month to collect evidence of student learning. I have set each child up with a Notebook, and stacked all notebooks together. I then have a note for each subject I am collecting data on inside the notebooks (Reading, Writing, Numeracy etc.) I have used Kustom Note to develop the templates for anecdotal records, and included voice clippings, images and checklists. I utilise all my devices to collect information including my iPhone, iPad and Macbook. I generally find my phone easier for taking photos and voice recordings. I now keep my phone in my pocket to be ready to capture all the excellent learning my student’s display! I feel confident that I will have all assessment evidence ready and easily accessible when I come to write reports.

image[2]                  image


Please share with me how you are utilising Evernote for assessment in your classroom.

Check out Miss Spink’s blog at http://missspinkontech.global2.vic.edu.au/2013/05/10/collecting-assessment-data-with-evernote/comment-page-1/#comment-1059


3 thoughts on “Evernote

  1. Bec Spink says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for the mention, much appreciated. I’m so glad you have been using Evernote and have found it beneficial!

    I have another iPad app for you- don’t know if I mentioned it at the meet up. Have you used GoodReader? It allows you to annotate PDF files- I have used it in the past to complete running records, Concepts About Print assessments, Oxford words lists etc. When the file is annotated you can then send it straight to your Evernote account. It is very handy…

    Keep on Evernoting… 😉


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